Frequently Asked Questions

Who can start a Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt Fundraiser? 

Whether you are an individual raising funds for a particular cause or someone raising funds for a school, group or organization, anyone can start a Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt Fundraiser!

What groups do you work with?

We currently work with individuals, along with schools, organizations girls groups, cheerleading and sports teams, dance studios, churches, daycares and any other non-profit groups.

How much profit will I or my group earn? 

Each T-Shirt sold quickly earns a $6 profit per T-Shirt sold. 

What products can I purchase?

We currently only offer our signature Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirts in Pink, Brown and White for only $20 (plus-sized shirts are $25). We also offer our Black Bling Tee's for only $30.

If I decide to start a Fundraiser with PBG as an Individual, are there any requirements?

Yes, anyone who decides to start a Fundraiser as an Individual is required to have a PayPal account. This account will be necessary for receiving your profit for each shirt sold once your fundraiser is over.

If I decide to start a Fundraiser with PBG, how can I sell the PBG T-Shirts?

  • If you are starting a Fundraiser as an Individual, you are only eligible to sell our T-Shirts from our online website.

  • If you are starting a Fundraiser for a group, school or organization, you are eligible to sell our T-Shirts in-person and online. 

What type of payments do you accept?

In-person Orders (Only Available For Groups, Schools & Organizations):

  • For in-person orders, we only accept cash payments. Checks and money orders will not be accepted.

Online Orders (Available For Everyone):

  • For online orders, we accept credit card payments and PayPal. 

Do you offer returns, exchanges or refund?

There are no returns, exchanges or refunds issued by Pretty Brown Girl. Please review our size charts before placing an order.

If I place an order online, how will I receive my items?

Your items will be shipped directly to the address listed on your order within 5-7 business days.

How can I start a Fundraiser?

You can easily register online to start a Fundraiser by clicking here! Upon reviewing your application, we will send you a Fundraiser Packet once the application is officially approved/ registered.

Are there any up front costs or hidden fees to start a Fundraiser?

There are no up front costs or hidden fees to start a Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt Fundraiser!  

Any additional questions? Please contact us at 1-800-514-8559 or Thank you for your support!