How It Works/ FAQ


The Pretty Brown Girl Fundraiser can help anyone 18 years of age or older raise funds for their Individual causes or Group (i.e. schools, organizations, girls group, cheerleading and sports teams, dance studios, churches, daycare, etc.). Anyone can participate in our Fundraiser!

Products We Offer

The following products are available for purchase;

  • Signature Pretty Brown Girl Doll "Laila" - $49.99 
  • Signature Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirts (Pink, Brown and White) - $19.99, plus-sized shirts are $24.99
  • Pretty Brown Girl Pledge Poster - $14.99
  • Pretty Brown Girl Garment Bag - $59.99

Making A Profit

We know that profit is crucial for achieving your fundraising goals. You can earn the following profits right at the time of the order;

  • Each PBG Doll sold quickly earns a $10 profit.
  • Each PBG T-Shirt sold quickly earns a $6 profit.
  • Each PBG Pledge Poster sold quickly earns a $5 profit. 
  • Each PBG Bag sold quickly earns a $10 profit.

Choosing A Designated Coordinator

We recommend all groups, organizations, etc. to identify at least one designated coordinator who will serve as the contact person for Pretty Brown Girl. This person is responsible for managing the fundraiser and submitting their group's "Master T-Shirt Order Form". 

Setting Your Fundraiser Goals & Deadlines

It is certainly up to you to determine how much money you would like to raise and the deadline for your fundraiser, however, we suggest that you run your campaign for at least 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks. For example, extend your Fundraiser from the 1st thru the 15th of the calendar month.

Starting Your Fundraiser

Customers can place their order online by following these three simple steps;

  • Step 1: Have your customers visit and click “Shop”.
  • Step 2: During checkout, tell your customers to include your name/group.
  • Step 3: Inform your customers that all items will be shipped directly to them.

Collecting Payments

There is no need to collect any payments. All customers will place their order online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of payments do you accept?

For online orders, we accept credit card payments and PayPal. 

Do you offer returns, exchanges or refund?

There are no returns, exchanges or refunds issued by Pretty Brown Girl. Please review our size charts before placing an order.

If I decide to start a Fundraiser with PBG as an Individual, are there any requirements?

Yes, anyone who decides to start a Fundraiser as an Individual is required to have a PayPal account. This account will be necessary for receiving your profit for each item sold once your fundraiser is over.

If I decide to start a Fundraiser with PBG for a group, school, organization, etc., are there any requirements?

No, there are no requirements, however, please be mindful that you will receive one check for your earned profit at the end of your fundraiser.

If I place an order online, how will I receive my items?

Your items will be shipped directly to the address listed on your order within 5-7 business days.

How can I start a Fundraiser?

You can easily register online to start a Fundraiser by clicking here! Upon reviewing your application, we will send you a Fundraiser Packet once the application is officially approved/ registered.

Are there any up front costs or hidden fees to start a Fundraiser?

There are no up front costs or hidden fees to start a Pretty Brown Girl Fundraiser!  

Any additional questions? Please contact us at 1-800-514-8559 or!