Introducing The Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt Fundraiser Program

We are so excited to announce our new Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt Fundraiser Program! Ranked by NBC News as one of the top seven organizations dedicated to empowering girls, Pretty Brown Girl’s mission is to encourage self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional & intellectual well-being.

The Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) T-Shirt Fundraiser Program was designed to help anyone 18 years of age or older raise funds for their Individual causes or Group (i.e. schools, organizations, girls group, cheerleading and sports teams, dance studios, churches, daycare, etc.). This is also a great opportunity for girls to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, while encouraging self-acceptance and developing leadership skills at an early age.  

The PBG T-Shirt Fundraiser offers our signature Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirts in three colors (Pink, Brown and White) and 12 different size options to choose from for only $20 (plus-sized shirts are $25). We also offer our Rhinestone Black Pretty Brown Girl T-Shirt in 6 different sizes for only $30. An added benefit is that each shirt sold earns a $6 profit!

Click here to learn more about how our Fundraiser works. You can also easily register online to start a Fundraiser! If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly, please call us 1-800-514-8559 or email us at Thank you for your support!